Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards 12 Deck Review

Raisul Mushfeq
If you are a cards enthusiastic like me and can’t find bicycle playing cards near you for a cheap price (or not at all) then it would be wise choice to buy those from amazon in bulk. It is much cheaper than buying cards individually and you will definitely wear out your cards by using it regularly so it is best to have some spare cards near hand. This 12 decks of original bicycle playing cards are very affordable in price and will only cost you around $1.6 per deck (according to the price while I am writing this). The cards are originally made by USPCC so you can rest assured for the best quality bicycle cards from its creators. Personally I found those cards very long lasting and flexible.

Most of us know the best feature of Bicycle playing cards, the feeling of those cards, long lasing and flexibility and all of those can be found here (Duh!). Bicycle cards are out there for a long time and earned its respect from all kinds of playing card lovers including magicians. And most of them prefer bicycle playing cards for various reasons. If you are new to this brand or this specific type (not very likely though because unlike my country, most country have those cards around for almost every cards game) then all I can say is trust me, you will not be disappointed. If you are still confused, see this honest pros and cons about this specific sets of cards from the dealer. Those are poker size standard index playing cards and each packs of cards comes with 52 cards plus 2 jokers and 1 guarantee card so if you find any problems on those cards you can replace those easily with the guarantee card.

  • 100% Original Bicycle Playing Cards
  • Plastic Coated
  • Very Low Price
  • Suitable for Almost any Standard Card Game or Card Magic
  • White Border on Those Cards Makes It Suitable for Some Special Effects
  • The Annoying “Free App” ad on the pack of the cards.
  • The cards are made of paper so rigorous use or water will cause damage to those cards.

Some questions and answers about the cards:

Q: Are all of those cards the same color?

A: No, 6 of them is Red and other 6 are Blue.

Q: How are those different from the cards I found on the store.

A: If the cards on the store are original bicycle playing cards then basically there is no difference at all!

Q: Does the pack contains any gaff cards (for various magic tricks)?

A: No, only regular cards.

What other customers are saying about these 12 decks of bicycle playing cards?

On the review section of this product, you can see most of the customers are really happy with the product and gave it 5-star review. I have personally bought those cards from this dealer for me and some of my friend for multiple times and found no problem at all. One customer named ‘James Murphey’ wrote:
“This is the cheapest way to get cards unless you run a store and get the whole sale price.”
Comparing the price of the cards found on other online stores, it is a really the cheapest and reliable source you can found. And on his really descriptive review on amazon, the user PWTSM wrote,
“If you play cards regularly or need them for standard magic tricks these are perfect”
You can view more of those reviews from all the customers on amazon.

Even in conclusion, I cannot stress the quality of those cards enough. Compared to the other bards this cards are leading the industry from the start and rightfully continues to hold its place. So for whatever reason if you are thinking of buying any playing cards and you know that you are going to need some more cards in the future, just buy these and get most out of your money at hand (or in bank ;)).

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