Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bicycle Poker Size Standard Index Playing Cards 12 Deck Review

Raisul Mushfeq
If you are a cards enthusiastic like me and can’t find bicycle playing cards near you for a cheap price (or not at all) then it would be wise choice to buy those from amazon in bulk. It is much cheaper than buying cards individually and you will definitely wear out your cards by using it regularly so it is best to have some spare cards near hand. This 12 decks of original bicycle playing cards are very affordable in price and will only cost you around $1.6 per deck (according to the price while I am writing this). The cards are originally made by USPCC so you can rest assured for the best quality bicycle cards from its creators. Personally I found those cards very long lasting and flexible.

Most of us know the best feature of Bicycle playing cards, the feeling of those cards, long lasing and flexibility and all of those can be found here (Duh!). Bicycle cards are out there for a long time and earned its respect from all kinds of playing card lovers including magicians. And most of them prefer bicycle playing cards for various reasons. If you are new to this brand or this specific type (not very likely though because unlike my country, most country have those cards around for almost every cards game) then all I can say is trust me, you will not be disappointed. If you are still confused, see this honest pros and cons about this specific sets of cards from the dealer. Those are poker size standard index playing cards and each packs of cards comes with 52 cards plus 2 jokers and 1 guarantee card so if you find any problems on those cards you can replace those easily with the guarantee card.

  • 100% Original Bicycle Playing Cards
  • Plastic Coated
  • Very Low Price
  • Suitable for Almost any Standard Card Game or Card Magic
  • White Border on Those Cards Makes It Suitable for Some Special Effects
  • The Annoying “Free App” ad on the pack of the cards.
  • The cards are made of paper so rigorous use or water will cause damage to those cards.

Some questions and answers about the cards:

Q: Are all of those cards the same color?

A: No, 6 of them is Red and other 6 are Blue.

Q: How are those different from the cards I found on the store.

A: If the cards on the store are original bicycle playing cards then basically there is no difference at all!

Q: Does the pack contains any gaff cards (for various magic tricks)?

A: No, only regular cards.

What other customers are saying about these 12 decks of bicycle playing cards?

On the review section of this product, you can see most of the customers are really happy with the product and gave it 5-star review. I have personally bought those cards from this dealer for me and some of my friend for multiple times and found no problem at all. One customer named ‘James Murphey’ wrote:
“This is the cheapest way to get cards unless you run a store and get the whole sale price.”
Comparing the price of the cards found on other online stores, it is a really the cheapest and reliable source you can found. And on his really descriptive review on amazon, the user PWTSM wrote,
“If you play cards regularly or need them for standard magic tricks these are perfect”
You can view more of those reviews from all the customers on amazon.

Even in conclusion, I cannot stress the quality of those cards enough. Compared to the other bards this cards are leading the industry from the start and rightfully continues to hold its place. So for whatever reason if you are thinking of buying any playing cards and you know that you are going to need some more cards in the future, just buy these and get most out of your money at hand (or in bank ;)).

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Luminox Men's 3001 Original Navy SEAL Dive Watch Review

Raisul Mushfeq
Here is a great watch for you to look into, Luminox 3001 Navy Seal Dive watch is originally made in Switzerland and you know the great quality of a quality Swiss watch. The watch is specifically made for the Navy to use underwater and in extreme situations. It has great design and durable materials so it is long lasting and comfortable. It can also be used in dark environments because it glows on dark and very easy to watch the time without any other light source or any effort. This watch is also great for scuba diving. From 1994, when the watch was first introduced, it has been so popular among the armed forces and civilians that Luminox is forced to produce the watch even after 20 years to meet the demand. The watch is made to withstand combat situations and other difficult scenarios.

Luminox Men's 3001 Navy Seal Dive Watch

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Top Features and of Luminox 3001 Navy Seal Dive Watch:

  • Mineral crystal, easy to see
  • Polyurethane case; Black dial; Date function
  • Suitable for recreational scuba diving: Water resistant to 660 feet
  • Shock resistant
  • Self-Powered Illumination System
  • 100 times brighter at night than other luminous watches
  • Imported from Switzerland
  • Black-plated stainless steel watch case for protection against external damage
  • Analog Display

Special Features:

Long Lasting Lifetime

Luminox 3001 Navy seal dive watch is made to last longer than most other Luminox watches. Many reviewers are saying that they are using their Luminox 3001 for over 10 years with minor problems. It’s stainless steel watch case and mineral crystal glass ensures more lifetime and the dial marks are made to glow for over 25 years without any recharge. It has a self-powered Illumination system so you do not have to worry about the lights to wear out.

Water Resistant, Great for Scuba Diving

Luminox Navy SEAL Dive watch is specially made for diving in the water for the Navy. So it will resist the water to 200 meters. It is great for scuba diving. The watch case perfectly designed to prevent water from going in, so you do not have to worry about your watch while having fun or on the mission.

This Watch is Made for Rough Use

As this watch is made for the Navy and other Law enforcement people, it is designed to tackle heavy and rough combat situations. If you are on a mission underwater, in the storm or any extreme place, you can easily rely on your watch. The watch is made of durable materials to give you the best use of it.

Easy to See Time Under any Condition

Luminox 3001 Navy SEAL Dive watch will work under any situations and it is extremely easy to see the time because of the Illumination System on the watch. The dial marks glow in dark environment to make it extremely easy to read the time without external light source. You do not have to press any button to see the time, it is glowing all the time. The Illumination system is self-powered, that means, you do not need to worry about to charge it for about 25 years. It also does not require any battery or light source to charge.

Stylish and Comfortable

Black and military-style design look great while using it for general everyday use. It is very lightweight and the materials are very durable. Even if you are not in the Navy or any other law enforcement, don’t be discouraged to use the watch. The watch is great for use in the water or on the sand. So whatever environment you are in, the watch is suitable for you.  It is very comfortable to wear and you will show more confidence wearing this good looking and heavy duty watch.


  • Specially made for underwater and heavy use for law enforcement and Navy
  • Imported Swiss Watch
  • Waterproof even under 200 M of water
  • Mineral Crystal: Scratch resistant
  • Durable
  • Long lasting
  • 2-year warranty by Amazon
  • Glows in dark: Readable in the darkest situations
  • Looks amazing for normal use
  • Perfect for scuba diving


  • You have to cover the watch in Stealth operations because of the glow, that’s the price you have to pay for this cool watch because you can see the time in any dark environment without an external light source!
    Might have to change the battery after 2-4 years, don’t expect to last batteries for thousands of years.
  • Sometime some water might get into the watch, but it won’t affect anything according to some reviews on Amazon.

See More Reviews on Amazon

Questions and Answers

Q: Where is it made?
A: It is made in Switzerland
Q: Is there any warranty on this product?
A: Amazon Provides 2-year third party warranty for Luminox 3001 Dive watch
Q: Can I buy it from any country?
A: Yes, the seller of the product on Amazon supports international shipping.

What Customers Are Saying About this Product:

If you still can’t decide whether or not buy it, then you might find it useful that already 249 customers are talking about it on amazon review (by the time I am writing this review) and most of those reviews are four or five-star review! Here are a few lines from those hundreds of reviews:
“The tritium dials glow extremely well and the watch is lightweight and won't set off metal detectors at the airport. They are tough watches, if you are rough on your watches you will like this model”- Matthew A. Rovnak
He also states that he recently lost this watch and he loved it so much that he is definitely looking forward to buying another same model watch!
And here is Roger Brackett, who states that he is using this same watch for regular basis for over 15 years with no problem at all his quote-
“I rarely take it off even when swimming in the pool or in the ocean. It has excellent battery life and to me it is an awesome all-purpose everyday watch.”- Roger Brackett

So, at the end, you will get those amazing features and experience with this not-so-expensive watch. This feature-rich high-quality watch can easily beat any other more expensive watches. If you are looking for a tough, long-lasting and waterproof watch that is accurate and usable in any condition then this watch is a perfect match for you. This is one of the top dive watches available on the market. Solid design and water resistant feature made it popular dive watch for men. So why are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor and get this watch. I am sure you will love it!
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Friday, January 1, 2016

Casio Men's MRW200H-1BCT Watch Review

Raisul Mushfeq
Casio has made hundreds and thousands of watches and has some amazing watch with unique features. Casio Men’s MRW200H-1BCT Black Resin Watch is one of them. What’s unique about this watch is that the watch has some of the attractive features of an expensive high-quality watch but in a very low price. That is what made the watch much more popular for an everyday watch. This watch is very stylish comfortable and has the waterproof function for light use in the water. It also has luminous dials so it is easy to see the time in the night without external light source. The resin case made it very lightweight so it is very comfortable to wear all day long.

Buy it from Amazon

Top Features

  • Dual Time, Featuring Both Normal and Military Time
  • Water Resistant up to 330 feet, suitable for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Day and Date Window
  • Imported, Made in the USA
  • Japanese Quartz movement with analog display
  • Resin Case, Very Lightweight

Main features

Water resistant

The watch can be used for swimming and snorkeling. It supports water resistance for up to 100 meters or 330 feet which is very rare on the watches with similar price. You can use this watch all the day and don’t have to remove it for the shower or fun time on the water. It can also tolerate salt water.

Dual Time with Date & Day Feature

This watch has both normal 12-hour time along with 24-hour military time for those who are not comfortable to convert the time. It also has day and date feature at 3 o’clock position which easily helps you to know the current date or day of the week. A very handy feature for many people.

Awesome Design

The heavy design of this watch makes it very same look to G-shock or other expensive watches. It is very hard to tell the difference. Also, the lightweight body makes it very comfortable to wear and the strap also looks great. Overall great design.


  • Battery lasts for more than 2 years
  • 1 Year Warranty by Casio
  • Date Window
  • Protective Mineral Crystal
  • Dual Time
  • Very Inexpensive Watch with Many Features
  • Water Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • The case is not too big or not too small


  • Not Suitable for Diving, but this watch can be used for swimming and snorkeling
  • Some customers are having a problem to set the day and date. You have to know that you can only set date/day 3-4 hours before midnight.


Q: Is this watch suitable for salt water?
A: Yes, this watch can be used in salt water like in the sea.
Q: How do I set the date?
A: Pull out the crown one click then rotate it. The time has to be 3-4 hours before midnight or you may face difficulty setting the date/day.
Q: Does it have a backlight?
A: No, but the hour and minute hands are luminous and it is easy to see the time without backlight.

Customers Reviews

There are 2387 reviews on Amazon about Casio Men's MRW200H-1BCT Black-Resin Watch and most of them are happy with the watch. You can really tell that by their reviews. According to many reviews, the watch is stylish and comfortable. The watch is suitable for regular everyday use. One customer said-
“This is an awesome watch! for the price and capability I don't know why you wouldn't buy it as an extra casual watch to wear around the house and with friends.” - Swede17
According to review, this watch has everything you can ask for a watch. Another customer said
“Very light watch, useful and very good quality to price ratio.” - T91
So it is clear that even if the watch is not expensive, it does not mean the watch is not good. Another customer with username ‘a6m5’ said that he was struggling to set the date and day at first but he got it after trying it for sometimes. According to his thoughts-
“I used this watch for nearly 2.5 years, and other than the defective calendar dial I wrestled with at the start, it's been 100% problem free. Even the band/strap's still in perfect shape, and is powered by the original battery it came with” - a6m5
See More Reviews on Amazon

To sum up my words or the words by the customers of this watch on Amazon, this is a great watch for the price.  A cheap watch does not always mean cheap quality and that is proved again by Casio with this watch. The watch can easily compete with some of the more expensive watches by the features such as water resistance, luminous dials etc. It is also very lightweight and has very attractive design. So if you are looking for a great watch in the budget then I think this will be your best buy. You will not regret it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Casio MDV106-1A Men's Black Analog Anti Reverse Bezel Watch Review

Raisul Mushfeq
When someone thinks of Casio watches, some cheap plastic body watches my come to mind. Well, Casio MDV106-1A Men’s Black Anti Reverse Bezel Watch will surely change your view about the quality of some of the best Casio watch. This watch is available on Amazon for only $41 but don't be fooled by the cheap price, the quality of this watch can easily beat some of the expensive Rolex or Omega watch in the market. It has a great design and feels to it and the watch is one of the best affordable dive watches you can find nowadays. You can easily use this watch under 200m of water. And the watch face is easy to read under almost any condition thanks to the built-in luminous markers and hour hands.
Casio MDV106-1A Men's Black Analog Anti Reverse Bezel Dive Watch

Top Features

High-Quality Watch at Cheap Price

Casio MDV106-1A Anti Reverse watch is one of the best watch made by Casio. There are many high-quality features in this watch that are only available in a highly expensive dive watch. The glow in dark feature, stainless steel waterproof body, the date function and the classic look makes it very similar to some of the best diving watches.
Classic Stylish Look
The watch looks very stylish in hand. It has a great classic feel to it. It is very difficult to determine if it is an expensive or cheap watch just by looking at it.
Anti-reverse crown
The watch has anti-reverse crown and lock-in mechanism to make it more water resistant. It is also very easy to set the time and date with the crown. It works perfectly without any problems for many years.


  • Highly polished stainless steel case, uncluttered face, easy to read.
  • Analog Display, Classic design, and feel.
  • Date window.
  • Water resistant: Suitable for recreational diving.All those great features in cheap price.


  • Luminus Markers and Hour Hands do not glow too bright unless you charge it with an external light source. But it glows enough to see the time properly.
  • Some reviewers have complained about the anti-reverse bezel feature which means you can only adjust the date and time by turning the crown counterclockwise. You also have to unscrew the crown first to pull it out and set time, but this feature is here just to protect the watch from water going in.


Q: What size of the band should I need to buy if I want to replace the original band?

A: You will need 22 mm band for this watch.

Q: Is this watch suitable for swimming?

A: Yes, most of the reviewers have said that they have used it in ocean, pool and many other places without any problems.

Q: How can I fix the date and time on this watch?

A: You have to unscrew the crown first then pull it out one click to fix the date and second click for the time. You can only rotate it counter-clockwise.

Customers Reviews

There are hundreds of positive reviews about Casio MDV106-1A Anti Reverse dive watch which you can check out on Amazon. There was some problem with the inaccurate product description on amazon but the customers still love the watch even though the watch was bigger than they have expected. ‘lmn123’ said he was expecting a smaller watch but when he received the watch it was bigger on his wrist. But he loved the watch so much that he did not bother returning the product and using it since then. He quoted-
“Besides the watch being large on my wrist, it's an excellent value.” - lmn123
… and not just him, most of the customers are amazed by the quality of this watch that can only be found in highly expensive watches. It is a tough watch which can be proved by this funny review by a customer-
“As soon as I got it as set the time and took it surfing. I banged it around, held it under water, sprayed with a fire hose, took a shower with it, and just hammered it with abuse as much as I could so I could return it promptly. No sucess; I could not destroy it. It still holds time to the millisecond with no fogging and no problems.” - Bjoerk
And do not be fooled because this watch is made by Casio. This watch can easily be a Rolex or omega quality watch. As a customer state-
“Casio makes hundreds if not thousands of styles of watches, but only one like this.” – rdkmco

So, at the end, if you are looking for a best affordable dive watch this is exactly what you are looking for. This is one of the best dive watches for the money. The solid design of the watch and other features will surely worth the money. Some of the reviewers have wondered that how Casio is making money by selling this high-quality watch at this cheap price! It’s water resistant feature made the watch more popular among the people who are involved in any water sports or a recreational diver. So whatever category you fit in, I would say give this watch a go- you will fall in love with it.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

How to use your cheap Android smart phone or tablet as a second monitor on your Windows Computer

Raisul Mushfeq

We all know the benefits of using multiple monitor on a PC. It increases your productivity and gives a great experience. But what if you currently do not have access to a second monitor to use or do not want to buy one right now. Well, there is always a smart phone at your service! You can use your android smart phone or tablet as a secondary display for your windows personal computer. Here is what you need to do:
  1. Download and install iDisplay on your Android device and on PC. iDisplay is a paid android app that costs $4.28 and you can easily find it on Google Play. Download iDisplay for your Windows XP/Vista/7/8 directly from http://getidisplay.com/. They currently do not have any version for Windows 10. You might need to restart your PC and give permission to the software when it asks.
  2. Connect your Computer and Android to your home WIFI. Example: Connect to a router (Internet connection not required at all). If you do not have a router, just connect your android to your PC via USB (I will write details about how to connect iDisplay to PC with just USB cable in my next article).
  3. Launch the iDisplay program on your PC. Move you cursor to iDisplay icon on the taskbar. You will see an IP address and port number. You will need this in a second.
  4. Run the iDisplay app on your Android phone or tablet. Most of the time, if you are connected to the PC with a router then your Android device should automatically be connected. If not then tap on the plus (+) sign on the app and write the IP and Port you just got from step 3. Give any name to the connection then tap on “Add and connect” button.
  5. On your computer screen iDisplay will ask you if you want to accept this incoming connection. Hit “yes” or whatever button it takes to accept the connection (I clicked do not prompt me again and installed it a while ago, so I can’t remember what exactly it says).
Using Multiple Monitor

    That’s it! You have successfully made your Android device a secondary screen for your Windows Computer (of course you can use your android as a regular phone! Just hit back button or click on disconnect for the options).
    You can also use the touch feature too! I think that’s a really useful thing for some cases.
    I actually used a cheap Symphony Android phone that was made in China and available only in Bangladesh. So I think it will work with any other branded Android phone in the word!
    If you have any more question or of you have any problem using the software just let me know. I will be happy to help you.